Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jesus and Horus talk

(His eyes are closed behind the sunglasses)

I just wanted to add a note about a blog I was reading.  Ben Miller offers plenty of connections between Jesus and Horus, while referencing Jake's blog.  He also mentions a documentary film about Horus, that connects Christianity with other world religions.  I found this really interesting, as well as consistent with some of my new found beliefs.  

I recently rented a documentary called "RELIGILOUS" made by HBO personality Bill Maher. Personally, I agree with most of the things he says, though I find him to be a bit preachy at times.  Often lecturing on for longer than required, smashing in the finer points of truth from upon the highest horse.  

Either way, his film is an eye opening example of how the past really does posses the present. The film documents how a religion based solely on the past, greatly dictates our present day society.  I realize this is the broadest of comparisons, though I feel like the general population never realizes the past/present connection.

I'd like to make the argument that the Dinosaurs died for our sins, you don't see any other Dino worshipers out there do you?    

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